40 Commando

40 Commando is a no drama, professional, British MilSim community for
Arma 3, emulating the British Royal Marine Commandos.


Commando Gameplay
We look to emulate the British Royal Marines, both in gameplay and training. Our gameplay ranges anything from counter-insurgency patrols to amphibious assaults on enemy positions. We look to provide a realistic scenario for each operation whilst refraining from several hours of walking aimlessly.

We are supported by the Commando Helicopter Force (CHF) who primarily fly rotary transport and attack assets to support operations. CHF also make use of fixed-wing aircraft for Close Air Support and Combat Air Patrol missions.

We run our own repository with a wide variety of mods to give us a modern British military feel to our operations. Among our mods, our biggest are ACE3, the 3CB packs, RHS and CUP terrains. We also have in-house custom mods to enhance the experience.

40 Commando has a strong presence on other games. When not playing Arma, you will often find a group of us playing other games. This ranges among new and old multiplayer titles. Whilst all of us enjoy playing Arma MilSim, we also offer a monthly 'drunk ops' where we'll play a variety of multiplayer games in a tad intoxicated state...


Age Requirement
40 Commando does have a minimum age requirement of 16. We do have a mature community and will not hesitate to remove people that threaten that. We are a community that doesn't want to worry about anything we say in front of people of a younger age.

We ask for a 50% monthly attendance from members. We understand weekend events or work can crop up on some days, and we're happy to accomodate this. Telling someone you cannot attend is a courtesy. All we ask notice is given at least 24 hours ahead in form of a LOA forum post.

  • No history of disciplinary action in any communities.
  • Must exhibit maturity.
  • Must be willing to comply with the unit training and operations regime.
  • Must be at least 16 years of age.
  • Overbearing, loud, or obnoxious candidates will not be accepted.

  • If you have any questions before applying, please ask one of our members on TeamSpeak.