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BI's last DLC and the future of Arma 3


Basically, from what I've read from the news article on the ArmA launcher that no one is usually bothered to read, BIs next DLC (Tanks DLC) will most likely be their last and they say they're gonna work with third-party mod creators to create "third-party premium DLCs". Problem with this is that they didn't mention whether or not existing mods will be eligible to become "third-party premium" and if it does, there's gonna be a lot of issues. Knowing BI, they most likely will allow existing mods to be eligible, but who knows.

They also mentioned that they're "convinced Arma 3 will remain active and relevant for many more years, thanks to our splendid community of both players and content creators" which sounds to me like they're gonna leave it up to the player base to keep renewing Arma. I certainly would not pay for a Steam workshop DLC and I hope mod creators have the decency not to give into this scheme and if they're ditching Arma 3 DLCs, their developers must be busy on something else which sounds interesting. Entire-world Arma 4 perhaps?



I pray that they don't go with a global map, current ones are laggy enough without excess sizing I'd give them a few years yet of development on Arma 3 then maybe a 2020 release for Arma 4 assuming they don't go back on the idea of no more DLC
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Think its just something to keep and eye on for now, but hopefully ti dosnt go paid for mods


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