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Aviation Life.

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[Image: TJdb6PT.jpg][Image: wiPnZqb.jpg][Image: Ac0nr6w.jpg][Image: zxLU7Lr.jpg][Image: 0FD8ojX.jpg][Image: WizKTvR.jpg][Image: cQjDpv5.jpg][Image: Lnu5ZmM.jpg]
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A Fewe images stolen from Doheny.
[Image: dMnOo1k.jpg][Image: UkcEsO6.jpg][Image: R7ZDh55.jpg][Image: SAXylVy.jpg][Image: XdOovQB.jpg][Image: T4WNVVP.jpg]
Don't worry, more Aviation Life to come!
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[Image: 87A70B6ACCE989E20EADA4E685B1A6A5CB784E4F]
[Image: E14C71623633B8B58A93B5BC00C900E10B96D2D1]
[Image: 106A102DC4BF8A80BB84CB7342852A98F39920B4]
[Image: 71090FC69C7F08B8A0A2C3FEC94C460CEA1FA385]
[Image: 698EAB04557935B1AA5736E2DCC7D1226493B008]


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Some images from the WW2 OP

[Image: 310V16E.jpg]
[Image: IKTQWLv.jpg]
[Image: TifZ6O0.jpg]
[Image: ia0XvEv.jpg]
[Image: 07450CR.jpg]
[Image: eFyShhI.gif][Image: 4D90645DB9508AEAC2F6A2A5998ADDEBB6384A27]
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Some F18 with Gray + More WW2
[Image: Vq1LQcB.png]
[Image: RIEieyD.png]
[Image: mOi0HfN.png]
[Image: 8vSCTLp.png][Image: 7f3mn4n.jpg]
[Image: YnnYjLo.jpg]
[Image: OR1R76Y.jpg]
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[Image: 15759oX.jpg]
[Image: wMVofbU.jpg]
[Image: yEaUzbC.jpg]
[Image: phwgbJ0.jpg]



[Image: ksmIM7f.jpg][Image: ClOylDv.jpg][Image: SxjF5vH.png]
Ive possibly posted some of these already, but it will be fine :3


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When the boss is away, the pilots come out and play...

(Video made by Spc. Hood, 101st)

"Oh fuck, not another one" -Rooney, 2k18

2k18: Me & Dixon in a channel. I make a dad joke. Dixon says "Hello daddy"
Dixon: I said Hi daddy as my mum is near and I hear her mutter "What The Fuck" then something else but idk what

"C'mon, gimme meat" -Gustas 2k18


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