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Latest Teamspeak will not connect

(This post was last modified: 29-08-2018, 05:13 PM by G. Draper.)

Hi Guys,

I am hoping to join a little bit of the training tonight, I have done the repo so that is good.

I the started Teamspeak and also updated that to version 3.2.1, now when i try to connect to the 40cdo TS server i get the following error:

<19:37:25> Trying to connect to server on ts.40cdo.org

<19:37:25> Disconnected from server (server version is too old for command)

Has anyone had this problem and if so do you know the fix please.....

Old Desperate RMR member


OK teamspeak support states the server needs to be updated, as such DO NOT UPDATE YOUR CLIENT until the 40cdo coc state the server side is updated.!!!!

OK, i now have an older version of TS, but can not find the server details, please can someone post them here or to the setup thread









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